30 maj 2010

BAFTA guided tour - Oppinion on a project / Opinie o projekcie.


7th of May 2010

"Great opportunity to see rare and older posters and compare the cultures - visual ways of captivating attentions...
Two worlds enavitably coming closer now, shown in the very different beginnings. Unique opportunity to see the relics of early graphic design - history alife in front of our eyes..." /Olga Sienko, Studio Sienko Gallery London/

10th of May 2010

"Fantastic story, beautiful posters, good luck with the project." /Victoria Bradley, Ham House, London/

"Brian Webb. Thank you." /Brian Webb, graphic designer, London/

21st of May 2010

"Fascinating insight into the design of Polish and British posters. The difference in approach and style." /John Wigzell, web designer, London/

"A great insight into a different way looking at the world."

"What a font of knowledge! And fascinating. Great to see the originals, thank you." /Nicola Humphreys, Central Office of Information, London/

"Great talk, great exhibition. Amazing posters. Long live the Poles!" /Christophe Dupin, BFI, London/

"Thank you for the tour! It's been a fantastic experience and I learnt a lot. It's a great exhibition and it should be used as an example for the future ones that will give access to materials, otherwise impossible to see by the general public. Well done!" /Georgia Korossi, BFI, London/

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